Melinda Gaspar’s Paramedical Masterclass in Miami 2021

My dear colleagues living in the USA!
I’m happy to announce that I will hold a Paramedical Masterclass in Miami, Florida in April 2021. I’m going to teach you my special GMHelp-Ink Technique.
You can learn all of the secrets and steps for the perfect Camouflage.
This treatment helps our Clients and lasts for around 3-4 years. I am going to teach you the right steps in order to find the perfect color that matches the skin and is right for the treatment.

paramedical masterclass Melinda Gaspar

The 2 days Master at 02-03 April (Paramedical Class), in Miami Class outline, as follows: Introduction to skin pigmentation problems, and covering camouflage techniques, (prep, needle selection, color-changing, and mixing, outline, shaping, fill in, etc.).


1st day:

  • Vitiligo camouflage
  • Scar vovering (burned, and accidentally)
  • Stretch marks (birthmarks)

2nd day:

  • Realistyc areola

Once we have a strong foundation of the basic micro-pigmentation, and then we will build a variety of medical pigmentation on top of it. I will demonstrate on a live model. Every student will receive a Certificate from this Medical-micro pigmentation Class.
I will use Natural pigments and Digital PMU machines for this training. The student will be using own machines during the training class.
Our Host is Mariana Pereira, email:, Celluar: 1 (727) 776-1602
I am looking forward to meeting you! XOXO

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