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Since I was a child I had a passion and connection for Art. My mother was my biggest inspiration as well as my mentor as she was a master painter and leader at the World famous Herend china manufacture. Myself spent 9 years as a china painter at Herend in Hungary’s famous manufactur, specializing in flower painting and Persian miniature figures. Painting miniatures taught me to be extremely detail oriented and precise that shines through in my work as a PMU artist. As I was always interested in the Beauty Industry I have attended a PMU training in 2010 and started my PMU career. 
2013 – I started to train my techniques to other PMU artist
2014 – I opened my own PMU salon and got trained in medical tattooing
2015 – Become Master Artist at  Amia PMU Hungary
2016 – I opened my beauty salon in Austria
2016 – Health Center Hungary, medical tattoo specialist
2017 – Become Biotek Master trainer, opening Biotek Academy in Hungary
2019 – Speaker in San Francisco (USA), Gdynia PMU Gold (Poland), PMU Assembly Moscow (Russia), Beauty Fair Professional in Sao Paolo, PMU Oscar in Bello Horizonte (Brazil), and at Cosmobeauty (Bali). I’ve had performed a presentation at the 2017 June Biotek World. Following I hold several training classes throughout Europe, the US, and South America, and South Africa also.

Melinda Gaspar

My company, PMU ART VEGAS plays a huge part in educating the minds of the greater in Nevada, and California. Our Permanent Makeup Artist School has been teaching students based on BIOTEK knowledge, and my own developed camouflage Technics – HelpInk -which is developing the technology since 30 Years, and believes in the principles of dialog and active participation to foster education and expression. We want all of our students to develop their skill set, and push themselves to reach their potential and exceed their expectations.


“I attended Melinda’s Las Vegas “Silky Brows Master Class” in November.
She is incredible Permanent Makeup Trainer, she taught me everything she knew and she is a huge asset to the Biotek Education Team! I am very satisfied!”

Beatrix Lendvai – Toronto

“Thank you so much teacher for your teachings, your affection and dedication to us! You are an enlightened person, beautiful and dear too! showed us how much you love your profession! Congratulations and success whenever God enlightens you and bless your beautiful walk! I loved to meet you, a thousand kisses”

Chaiana Marmentini Batistel – Brazil

“I am the one who has to be grateful for excellent seminar. Thanks for your patience, and care sharing knowledge with us.”

Leda Reis – Campinas, Brazil